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From today on I have decided to become very consumer friendly. With that I mean that my own blogging will be done i English. Most of my friends speak English even if some prefer Swedish or even Norwegian (2) Then there are the few and chosen that speak Pitebondska, the soon to be forgotten language from Norrbotten in Sweden. For you I will now and then add some word and their meaning in Swedish and English.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thoughts at 4.45 AM this cool morning in May

I came across an old favorite verse of mine from Tao Te Ching (81) and suddenly I realized how futile and petty it is to question the teachings of Christ. Our Bible is sometimes ridiculed and made fun of as a potent for poor and less affluent people.It is even explained as a means to keep people enslaved by promising them a better life after this, while robbing them of their few belongings and make them struggle to support themselves and their families. Take the book of John and read it very slowly. Here the holy trinity God (father),Christ (the son) and the holy Spirit are referred to on several places as one. The seemingly contradiction in realizing that God is beyond time or is time himself. The paradox, that he can manifest himself as a man, live only for the purpose of establishing the second covenant with us here on earth, as well as proving that he is beyond death, is hard for me to fully understand. He was and thus is teaching us to love him, to love our fellow man as much as we love ourselves. So seemingly simple but yet very hard to fully integrate in our daily toils. Maybe we all have to revert back to our childhoods mentality in order to start out fresh and new in our daily walk with God. Maybe all we need to do is to take his hand and ask him to help us cross the dangerous streets of our lives. To look up on him with confidence and admiration and not let go of his hand is what will be my task for the days to come.
Sincere words are not elegant; elegant words are not sincere. The good person does not argue; the person who argues is not good. The wise do not have great learning; those with great learning are not wise. True Persons do not hoard. Using all they have for others, they still have more. Giving all they have to others, they are richer than before. The way of heaven is to benefit and not to harm. The way of the True Reason is to assist without striving in the unfolding of the story of the earth. 81st verse of the Tao Te Ching - Lao-Tzu

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