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From today on I have decided to become very consumer friendly. With that I mean that my own blogging will be done i English. Most of my friends speak English even if some prefer Swedish or even Norwegian (2) Then there are the few and chosen that speak Pitebondska, the soon to be forgotten language from Norrbotten in Sweden. For you I will now and then add some word and their meaning in Swedish and English.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our needs of fairy tales

In our cold, streamlined and well explained world where no frills, shadows och mystical corners or depths are allowed to exist, since all have to be open, explained and brought into full daylight, our hunger for happiness is escalating rapidly.

Today in our isolated cyber world where we communicate via cryptic letters and where mass medias information is threatening to choke us with the gory details from all over the world it is hard to keep our spirit clear and ready to guide us. With spirit I mean our subconscious mind or sixth sense that it sometimes is called as well. Our spirit, that was with us when we crawled around the first corner in our childhood and rode our first bike, drove our first car, flew our first airplane etc, is always seeking, always thirsty when curiously pushing us towards the unknown towards the other side that has been hidden for us. This spirit, that flows freely in our minds until our society start so educate us and teach us how to think, how to feel and even how to love and what is fun and joyful, whose important existence is becoming more and more wing clipped, as we race through time itself.

We as individuals seek the flock in order to function well. A flock for opinions, religion, physical exercise and enjoyments, always a flock. The more the merrier. But our technical development, that for the last 100 years have eagerly tried to keep us away from the flock, has by now almost succeeded in isolating us completely. For example, we cannot go anywhere without our phones, sophisticated or not, if by chance something would happen that we have to know about. We don't use it for talking anymore since speech takes time to produce we are trying to "think" our responses on our different electronic devises. All this isolates us more and more and we have by now replaced illnesses like pest, cholera, cancer and AIDS with Stress, depression and so called psychological issues.

Here is where our need for fairy tales comes to play. It can take us into our own time, past, present or future, since it is using one or several components that are familiar to us and thereby possible. An image, moving or not cannot reach our spirit only our already overflowing brains where it will leave its footprints until the waves of forgetfulness is sweeping them away or storing some of them. What kind of story are we looking for? Simple with simple words and short sentences or very complicated, to secure that only a secluded very affluent group of people can understand it? I don't think that any of these are relevant in this issue.I can only go to myself in order to come up with some kind of explanation.

When I first read the book "The never ending story" a very long time ago I got a jolt of energizing power all through my spirit. It took me to places that I had not been for 40 years and I remember how I smiled for no reason several days after finishing the book. It took my spirit by the hand and together we are travel led and are still traveling to the most unbelievable worlds, where I am enjoying myself like the first time my dad took me to a Merry Go Round. It spins faster and faster and I am shouting out load of happiness and thrills.

Since then I have been writing "sagor" as they are called in my native language Swedish. I put them in folders all over my desktop, I printed some and put them in a box and some I gave to people that wanted one and still do. I even put them on Bloggs and Facebook since someone wanted them there.

Conclusively I like to add, since I am not an artist that can express myself in images like painting or photography or computer creations, dance, music or create items that stimulates the spirit by sculpturing or similar, I am very happy that I found a way to "feed" the need of my spirit to keep on flourishing.

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